Caliber Scientific Calculator

Caliber Scientific Calculator

Caliber Scientific Calculator

Caliber Scientific Calculator,Caliber Scientific Calculator,: Caliber Scientific Calculator : Electronics, A Wise Choice Leisure Shopping Free shipping on orders over $15. Scientific Calculator Caliber.

Mark E Zeug





About the author

Expensive Writing Experience

Mark Zeug began his writing career at a county seat newspaper in rural Minnesota. He progressed to additional newspaper and publication work in South Dakota and Minnesota, and managed public communications and publications for Hawaii educational and business organizations. He also co-founded a professional communications consultant company in Hawaii. His business-writing career included crisis communications plans, business plans, annual reports and corporate materials. He has traveled extensively in Asia, North America and the South Pacific, and has written numerous stories about life in India, Russia and Japan.


Mark Zeug was born and raised in rural Minnesota, and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and journalism from the University of St. Thomas, and a Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Maryland.

“Zeug keeps the attention of the audience with multiple twists and constant tension”

About The Book

Jake Garner grew up on an isolated ranch in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana, with a drunk for a father and a bully for a big brither. For protection from those two, Jake’s mother would send him into the mountains to hunt game for the dinner table. His favorite place was a no-name canyon back in the Bitterrots that was relatively unknown–in all the times he went there, he never saw another soul.

After serving three tours in Vietnam, and staying as far from his brither and father as possible, Jake suffers a serious stomach wound. While recuperating in a Hawaii hospital, his mother and brother are killed in a car wreck. Soon after, his ailing father passes away–when Jake finally gets home, the house is empty and the ranch is his.

When tragedy strikes again, Jake, alone and filled with grief, returns to his canyon. While camped on the rim watching an eagle on the hunt, he notices movement below. Two men emerge from the forest shadows. They seem out of place. Then a female emerges in a sheriff’s uniform, and Jakes realizes somthing’s about to go down. He doesn’t realize that it will force him to decide how important his life still is.

An enjoyable and interesting read with hints of the descriptive style of Louis L’Mour, a storyline reminiscent of Tony Hillerman’s books, philosophical Spiritual insights, and, at last, romance.


A great book. My kind of mysteries. I couldn’t put it down. Nancy enjoyed it as much as I . We will be waiting for your next one.

Dave and Nancy

Well done! It just kept getting better. It’s obvious that the author… has done his homework. I’m waiting for the movie! Carrol O’Connor would play a great Sheriff Whipple, Sandra Bullock as Betty, and Harry Connack Jr. as the lead character, Jake. It is detailed just enough to get your “theater of the mind” working well. You won’t put it down!


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    Caliber Scientific Calculator

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    Caliber Scientific Calculator

    : Caliber Scientific Calculator : Electronics, A Wise Choice Leisure Shopping Free shipping on orders over $15.
    Caliber Scientific Calculator