Lost River Canyon is an idyllic, albeit fictitious, place in the beautifully rugged Bitterroot Mountains of western Montana. It’s isolation also gives it a pristine atmosphere untouched by humans.  Jake Garner finds this canyon while still a young lad, and it becomes his favorite place to hunt, and to be alone. He senses there is something mysterious about the canyon, but he is content to let it teach him how to live in the wilderness.

He goes there often, to be away from his alcoholic father and abusive, bulling big brother. His mother conspires to protect him from those two by sending him into the mountains to hunt game for the dinner table. His favorite place is to get away is this no-name canyon some ten miles from the ranch where the family lives – he calls it Lost River Canyon. In all the times he goes there, he never sees another soul.

Duty calls when he gains maturity, and Jake takes his wilderness skills to Vietnam. While teaching these survival skills to his fellow soldiers, he finds another way to delay coming back to the ranch he loves, and the unhappy relationship with his brother and father. But a serious stomach wound in his third tour ends all that. While recuperating at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, his mother and brother are killed in a tragic auto accident on an icy Montana road. A very short time later, his ailing father also passes away. Lost and alone, he finds comfort in the arms of an Island girl who also is his nurse.  They return to the now-empty ranch house to make a new life together.

A generation later, tragedy strikes again and Jake, alone and filled with grief, returns to Lost River Canyon. While camped high on the rim watching an eagle on the hunt, he notices movement far below. Two men emerge from the forest shadows. They seem out of place. Then another figure, a female in a sheriff’s uniform, cautiously follows them into the canyon. Jakes realizes something isn’t right, but he is uncertain what’s happening. As he watches undetected to the newcomers, he observes an attempted murder and becomes embroiled in the conspiracy. He doesn’t realize that it will force him to also decide how important his own life still is.

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