A really great book for a first book …, keep working on more books.


August 31, 2016

A great book. My kind of mysteries. I couldn’t put it down. Nancy enjoyed it as much as I . We will be waiting for your next one.

Dave and Nancy

November 30, 2016

I recently finished “The Curse of Lost River Canyon.” It was excellent. I really enjoyed it. Well worth waiting for. Good suspense, a budding love story, nature, animals, crooked law enforcement. Very well written.


February 17, 2016

An enjoyable and interesting read with hints of the descriptive style of Louis L’Mour, a storyline reminiscent of Tony Hillerman’s books, philosophical Spiritual insights, and, at last, romance.


October 5, 2016

Well done! It just kept getting better. It’s obvious that the author… has done his homework. I’m waiting for the movie! Carrol O’Connor would play a great Sheriff Whipple, Sandra Bullock as Betty, and Harry Connack Jr. as the lead character, Jake. It is detailed just enough to get your “theater of the mind” working well. You won’t put it down!


November 10, 2016

The Curse of Lost River Canyon is spell-binding. I couldn’t put it down. The characters and complex plot pull you through the pages, with surprises up to the last page. The attention to detail and the “facts” Zeug researched to make this novel come alive will amaze you. Sensitive, rich on human relationships and beautifully written with economical language that keeps you moving with the action. Well done and eager for Zeug’s next creation!


February 7, 2016

I finished reading The Curse……. I had read about half and then was interrupted. I finished it this week. I could hardly put it down for the last half … such soaring descriptions of the geographical area, people, their story and the spiritual wonder! We are all connected over many a century! It is spellbinding to see what the next crazy coincidence is and how it plays out. I loved the characters, the multi-dimensional age, political persuasion, and international intrigue. It will be a great movie!!!


September 10, 2017

It was a wonderful book. It had hooks right at the beginning and throughout the story. If you put horses, mystery, and the western mountains in the mix I’m hooked anyway. There are laughs, specific reference to places and things that were familiar to me and the discussions the main character has with himself were interesting. It was a good read and the typeface was great. I’d even recommend this to young adults. I’m looking forward to a sequel as it cries out for more.


February 8, 2016

The Curse of Lost River Canyon follows grief stricken Jake Garner. A veteran of the Vietnam War, Jake has finally returned home to the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana. His childhood home and the family’s small ranch now belong to him after the sudden deaths of his mother, father, and brother. With an injury preventing him from serving another tour, Jake has been raising horses on the ranch to support his family. Now mourning the loss of his wife, Jake returns to the nearby Lost River Canyon as he looks for solace in the isolated spot. Where he’s never seen another person before he observes an attempted murder in the canyon. As he attempts to save the victim and resolve the situation, Jake realizes he needed saving himself.


Mark Zeug draws readers in right away by starting right off with an attempted murder. He creates the perfect setting for drama with the Lost River Canyon. The cavernous backdrop heightens the tension and the stakes of Jake trying to intervene in the situation. Despite how little time actually is passing in the long chapters, the pace of the story is quick. Zeug keeps the attention of the audience with multiple twists and constant tension. Jake becomes a multi-dimensional hero in the story as he struggles with his grief and ends up involved in a conspiracy. Beyond the conspiracy and action, this is a story about grief, healing, and companionship. The attempted murder only the beginning of the story, readers will be hooked to the last page.


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